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Welcome to the Port Talbot Friday Darts League

AGM Minutes 2018

Friday Night Darts AGM 22nd October 2018

Agenda Items

Vote for Chairman

Vote for vice –Chairman

Minutes of the last AGM ( True Record )

Matters Arising

Financial Report


Dragon ( RM )
Fixed dates for the start of the Summer and Winter League

Pig ( JV )
Reintroduce the 4s Competition in the Winter League

Lib ( GO )
Introduce a leg of 1001 in the Winter League

In the Summer League 3s and pairs (as well as the Singles )to be drawn from the hat.

Lib ( CC )
Singles in Summer League matches to be double start as in the Summer Tournaments

Quins ( SP )

Minutes of the Meeting

Election of Officials

John Nightingale announced that he was standing down as Chairman due to work commitments.

MT thanked him for his help in running the League over the last two seasons.

Chairman: Simon Purchase was nominated and elected as Chairman.

Vice Chairman: John Morgan was nominated and elected as Vice Chairman.

Mike Thomas to remain as Secretary,Fixture Secretary and Treasurer

Minutes of the previous AGM: Passed as a true record – Naval / Quins

Matters arising – None

Financial Report

MT presented a balance sheet for the previous season.Figures were accepted.

All tournament and competition monies were covered with a small amount of profit.

Proposals to the AGM

The following proposals were discussed and voted on.The result of the vote is shown below the proposal

 Dragon (RM ) :To take away any confusion, start every season at a set time every year.
Example: Summer league start on first Friday in May, and winter league start on first Friday of November.
With only 36 actual league games in a calendar year, this is easily implemented, better organized and everybody will know where they stand.
We could also set the AGM to perhaps the last Monday in October, before the winter league starts.

The proposal was amended as follows: There would not be a set start date but in future MT would add Tournament dates and the start date of the following season on to the fixture sheets.

As part of the discussion it was agreed that the Christmas break be extended by a week.

Pig ( JV ) : I suggest the same format but after the singles we do 3 games of 4s 701 down where you can play any player in any 3 games so you could have 3 teams of 4s all same players but it gives players who are not picked in the singles a chance to play and not have only 1 gane. What we do in the porthcawl league is the 6s league which is a normal Friday format and then the 4s is a separate league so a team can win 6-5 in the 6s league and then win 2-1 in 4s it's a good way to bring players through who aren't good enoughfor singles and it enables everyone to have a good few games and enjoy their night.

The proposal was rejected with 4 votes in favour and 15 against

Lib (GO ): A suggestion for starting this Winter is to start the evening with a 1001 6 man game. This will break the ice and if it results in a score draw then so what. Not really much difference in winning 6-5 or losing 5-6 so I see no issues with 6-6.
If a massive problem not being able to start with this as some people may be running late then make it after the 3's but by exception only. This happens vary rarely in Winter so lets try it this up coming season?

The proposal was rejected with 4 votes in favour and 15 against

Lib (GO ): I suggest for next Summer, for captains to pick their 6 for 3's then pick from hat (i.e. same as singles), first 3 names are in first triples and next 3 in second triplets. After 3's have played then repeat for 2's. I think it will give suprise match results and also give some team members a chance to play with others that they would normally get picked to play with. Just try something different for a change.

The proposal was rejected with 5 votes in favour and 14 against

Lib (CC ) : Singles in the Summer League to be a double start as in the Summer Tournaments.

This had already been approved in principle at an earlier League Meeting.

The proposal was amended to the double start being trialled for one season ie. Summer 2019

The proposal was carried unanimously.

Quins ( SP ): The Champion of Champions cup should revert back to a playoff just between the Winners of each Section.

The proposal was carried unanimously

AOB: None

Summer League Champion of Champions to be played off between the Winners of Section A and B only