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Welcome to the Port Talbot Friday Darts League

Minutes July 2019

Minutes of the League Meeting held on 1st July 2019

Present: See attached sheet

Previous Minutes:  Approved by – Waun B / Pig

Matters Arising:  None

Results : No queries /All ok

Presentation: The next Thursday League Meeting is 18th July.Once their Officials have  got back with details we will inform everyone of what the options are (Probably via the website because of timescale)

The price of tickets had been held for some time and it was deemed necessary to increase the cost of these to be able to maintain /improve the quality of the event.

This was put to a vote and this went in favour ( 10 /3 ) of increasing the price / ticket to £7.50

Discussions need to take place to clarify which teams are exempt from having to pay twice because they play in both Thursday and Friday Leagues.One possibility could be that one team pays and any additional players that play in only one League pay any additions.

Summer Tournaments : The dates are 6th September for the Pairs and 13th September for the Singles.The Chairmans Cup and Under 25s may either be included on these nights or a further night could be made available.

Clubs put forward were: Quins,Gas,Taibach and the Seaside

A vote took place and the Gas received 7 out of the 13 votes.As they were the only Club able to confirm availability of these dates then they were deemed successful.

AOB : A vote was held to get agreement to League meetings being held on a 2 monthly basis.If there was a need for any matter to be resolved between these meetings an impromptu meeting would be called via  the website.The vote was unanimous in favour of this.

It was confirmed that PLAYERS only are allowed to join the Friday Darts Facebook Group.

All individuals are considered to represent their team.Any unsuitable or abusive remarks will be the responsibility of the team.Team Reps will be asked to explain,if necessary, what the Team intends to do to prevent any further unacceptable posts and the person responsible may be banned from the group.The League may take action if any further episodes occur.

Date of next Meeting : Monday 2nd September 2019

I’ve included below the BDO Rules for Checking Out and Scoring for clarity.

The first player who finishes by obtaining the required double out shall be declared the winner of that Leg or match, whichever is applicable. A dart thrown by a player after finishing shall not count.

Protests concerning a score obtained cannot be made after the score has been recorded by the marker and the darts have been retrieved. If the incorrect score resulted in a leg win the result will stand.

Errors in arithmetic shall stand as written on the scoreboard unless corrected prior to the next throw of the player whose score is in error.